KBJB Radio has Great shows & Original Music!!


Hi Everyone…wow has it has been a long time I think right?  This whole month of May has flown by so quickly and I honestly can’t remember what I’ve done all month, LOL!!!!  I know we had a KBJB meeting and we tossed around a few new ideas.  We are working on doing some local comedy shows…because as you all know our Kathy Shaner Johanson (KJ) is a comedian and she is hysterical with her Long Island Comedium routine, hahahaha.  I am starting to type like I text?  It sure does get ingrained in us with all the technology.  Nice to know I can still absorb it.  🙂  We would also like to bring my husband’s bands (yes he plays in two)  closer to home so my local peeps in New Milford, CT. can hear them.   We are working on alot of things now that we are growing up….and out!!  Our musical submissions are from all over the world and we are getting more every day.  I hope you all take time to listen to the station’s music because this is what our people of the world are saying right now!!  I want to remind everyone to check out and “LIKE” our facebook page.  This is one area of social media that is most current and up to date.  You can find schedules, topics and lots of info from our facebook page.   We also put out a message during a Warped View segment that we would love some recorded “shoutouts” telling us where you are from and that you are listening to KBJB!  We ask you to be original (since that is who we are) and tell us your name (last is optional) city, state and country (if not in U.S. ) and mention KBJB Radio…thats it!!  We will play submissions throughout the day!  What fun this will be I think.  So, that is a brief synopsis about what happened during May.  Let’s take a brief look at whats happening with our shows:


Kathy Henkel Fitness 5+5 with Kathy Henkel and June Robideau:

This months edition was a fun one…although I didn’t get the overall results I would have liked but I only have myself to blame.  Temptations are very hard to resist when partying and having fun with friends in nice weather.  Episodes for this show are taped within the first week of each month and played before the warped view around 8:45 am est.   Each episode may only run for the first two weeks and then stored in our soundcloud…so if you miss a show you can check that out!


Fitness 5 with Kathy Henkel:

Join Kathy weekday mornings at 8:55 am est. just before the warped view for her 5 minutes of physical motivation.  She always has great advice and tips so listen for them!!


The Warped View:

We had country music artist Tim McDonald on our show last week!!  If you missed it please check out our past shows on kbjbradio.com or our soundcloud.  This week I am the one who made KJ cry,  lol.  Roles were reversed as I chose to speak about friendships and those in our mid lives.  I wrote and read a story about my analogy of friendships to gardens.  It was liberating to read it out loud and on air.  I actually kind of semi cured a little fear of reading out loud in public, lol….like the old days in school right?  I was always afraid I would lose my place, haha.  Anyway, Judy gave some great advice to people going into business for themselves and Kj was hysterical with her warped news.


The Rock Show with G.R. and The Robes:

This show has had a few scheduling changes and is now airing Friday and Saturday nights at 10 pm est.  G.R. and The Robes, despite their very busy lives, bring music to a new level on this hour long show.  Discussing music, talking about bands they have seen or are going to see, trivia, they have it all.   Their chemistry is fun and they are funny….. most definitely makes this show popular with the music lovers of all genre’s.


Angels Don’t Lie with Jeanne Street:

This hour long, call in show airs live every Tuesday at 7pm est.   Call in on #646-891-5252 and ask Jeanne a question or let her know what is bothering you.  She always has a way of helping her callers and all listeners just by helping us to understand our own selves.  This weeks show was full of information and stories from callers but some of her topics discussed  were ego and intuition…and how they are often confused.  Check out all Jeanne’s shows on Itunes.    If you can’t call into her show, send her an email at  jeanne@jeannestreet.com.


Original Artist Spotlight:

Hosted by our very own original artist Buck Whiteway!  Buck is doing an amazing job interviewing our original artists.  Each week Buck will discuss the musical journey of one of KBJB’s original artists.  This week he talks to Chris Ellis who is new to our station and I think we have Gary Monroe from Gary Monroe project coming up!  This is one of my personal favorite shows because I love all the music on our station..well…99 percent.  I’m human you know, haha.  I am just like everyone else, I have my favorites.


Take it Easy:

Hosted by New Milford CT’s own state rep. Billy Mo Buckbee and Valerie Walsh.  This is a local show which airs every Sunday (local day on kbjb) at 11 am est.  Billy and Valerie have such an amazing friendship ooozing with chemistry and humor.  They are hilarious to listen to but they also talk about many important things for our town of  New Milford, CT.  Most topics are about the goings on and comings up of events in Harrybrooke Park, a local park in NM.  Very exciting and fun for the locals but anyone would enjoy listening and we invite you to check it out!!!


The Mess Hall:

This show comes to you from Down Under…. created and hosted by Seraya Young, another of our wonderful original artists here on kbjb.  Tune in Thursdays nights at 8pm est. to hear what she has spinning on her turntable across the world!


Well I think I’ve covered it all for now…I may of left something out but with our crazy fun lives we live cultivating a music station… its about to happen.  I hope you will take the time to listen to the wonderful stuff we are putting together on kbjb radio.  We are ordinary people who live ordinary lives and we want to be the music station for the free at heart.  The original.  We take such joy promoting what we do and we are always open for suggestions, critiques and stories.  We would love to hear from you.  Send us at email at kbjbradio@gmail.com or send a message to our facebook!  Until next time!!!